One of the key messages we received from you, has been your need for a “quarterback/missing link”; “trusted advisor”; “expert of experts” and “master builder dedicated for your family’s well-being and prosperity. You shared with us:    

“Our family’s family history dates back generations away. What we find is missing and would be of great value to families like us is someone, an expert of expert, a quarterback to the family, whose main job is just that. He/she would oversee the larger picture (in taxation, in wealth management, in philanthropy and other) and be of service to the family overseeing that.” 

 Our mission is caring for your family well-being and prosperity. 


“Families can face a deluge of competing challenges when managing their wealth which is why successful families rely on an ‘expert generalist’ to safeguard their interests.

Linda C. Mack and Michael Zeuner outline why the role of a family office "quarterback" is vital to families, what to look for in an ideal candidate, and where to look in their article: http://www.campdenfb.com/article/missing-link-family-offices .



Asset agnostic; strategy agnostic; conflict-free and interests aligned; needs focused; structured yet flexible process execution; value-creation driven.