In her former experience as “Area Director to Turkey” of the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)”, Deniz assisted number of Turkish groups (mostly and naturally family owned) in number of areas: investing abroad (in/via the Netherlands), structuring locally and internationally, tax rulings, lobbying at governmental level for various needs, assigning trustees/external board members where needed, identifying and assisting with best-fit experts. Not knowing by the time, that a specialized space for families exists (being it the global family office space), she has practically worked for years as a trusted advisor to families with wealth and complex needs. Deniz experienced then that any individual product/destination offer would fail to fully address a family’s overall needs and hence asked:  

“What specific actions can we undertake in the world of

 investments to effectively assist families with wealth?”  


 “What would be the visions for a better, healthier and

more prosperous world?”

These questions formed the basis from where V22 started its journey… Till today, V22 has identified number of visions from a three year journey in global financial centers of the world:   

“Families becoming focused and committed to their family well-being and prosperity over generations” 


“Trusted advisory services and family office services starting and expanding in emerging markets”


“Strengthening asset management and alternative asset management industries in developing markets; funds of funds, institutional investors becoming more accessible and instrumental in many regions of the world” 


Founder & Managing Director Deniz is experienced in the world of international investments and brings together a wealth of experience from her former roles as “Area Director to Turkey” at the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), as “Senior Investment and Commercial Officer” at the Netherlands Economic and Commercial Office of the Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul and as “Market Advisor” at Innovation Norway. In these roles, she has been appointed by the respective countries (Netherlands and Norway) to establish and grow the operations in Turkey. Deniz has been instrumental in developing public-private partnerships; extension to Turkey of certain state funds and with the NFIA operation, transforming the perception and recognition of the Netherlands from a destination for holding investments only to that of an operational one for Turkish investors. In only 3 years, the Turkish operation has helped more than 60 Turkish investors, 29 of whom have established an R & D, Marketing & Sales and Headquarters operation in the Netherlands.   


Deniz established V22 International Advisory in 2013. As her first assignment, she helped build a consortia in the bid to acquire the world’s fourth largest fund of funds in private equity (at the time). Deniz’s international works in the world of investments continued thereafter in various financial centers of the world and it is during this time that she found her path into the global family office space. V22 has been instrumental in increasing awareness for the family office space back in Turkey.

Deniz recognizes her mission as “Caring for Family Well-being and Prosperity, the larger family being the World herself”!  

She has her Executive Masters in “Business Administration” and her Bachelor of Art in “Economics” degrees both from Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey.



Our code of conduct is fully in line with those principles the master number 22 stands for; and for what V stands for: 


 is Value      


is a special number in numerology meaning:


The master builder, 







large undertakings,  

turns dreams into reality.  




The V in our logo represents “She/Female”, 22 represents “He/Male” and the Trophy is “We”.    

Intellectual quality is represented by the lower half and love quality by the upper half.